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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

John Galliano talks at Vogue Festival 2015

John Galliano is one of the people who made me inspired to choose my path in fashion and I was really sad when he got sacked from Dior but now that he is working as Creative Director for Maison Margiela, I was really happy to hear that. And now watching this interview, I am once again truly inspired by this man. Watch the interview of John Galliano with British Vogue during Vogue Festival 2015.

Monday, 11 May 2015

OOTD: Feeling like a white leather

Today, I went to see McQueen exhibition at the V&A for the second time and I feel so inspired by looking at his amazing creations. It is a shame that they didn't allow me to take photos as I would really love to share them but here is my outfit of the day which I wore today. I realise that I don't really wear white a lot so, this is a new look for me. I hope you guys will like this new. Enjoy !

OOTD: White Leather 
Jumper - Topman DIY with embellishment 
Leather Jacket - Bricklane DIY (white painted)
Shirt - Topman
Shorts - Charity Shop
Running Gear - Sports Direct
Shoes - Zara

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