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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Sunny sunshine with a breathe of fresh air

Hello everyone, I must say that I realised that this is my first post after more than a year so, for that I do apologises to my readers because of my university work I completely forgot to write on my blog. Anyway I am back for good and I will try to update you guys with my life and whatever things I get up to. 

Last thursday, I went on to Kew Gardens with my friends for picnic and to get some fresh air out of the crowded city. It was my first time to visit Kew Gardens even though, I live only few miles away from this place. According to many sites it was said to the best garden in the whole of UK. So, I was looking forward to see what kind of place it was and as my second term comes to an end, I thought to enjoy the sunshine and enjoy it with my friends. The park is a quite huge with beautiful flowers and plants from all across the world, I got to see many kinds of sakura flowers which was very beautiful and just looking around the park. It was just so relaxing to be out of the crowded city as I am always in the central because my university is in the East End. 

Kew Garden had many green house with different types of plants inside, we went to see palms trees, water lotus and many different kinds of plants. However it was a shame that the famous butterfly house was closed due to renovation of that place. Anyways, my day went smoothly and relaxing walking down the park. I have posted some photos below for you guys to enjoy what I got to see in person:

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