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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

#PrayforNepal - Candle Light Vigil for Nepal Earthquake 2015

Yesterday on 28th April 2015, all the British Nepalese as well as people from other nationalities came together to pray for all the lost souls who have become the victim of Nepal Earthquake 2015 at a Candle Light Vigil for Nepal Earthquake 2015 at Trafalgar Square. I went with my boyfriend Peak to pray along side 1000s of other people which was organised by London Universities'Nepal Societies. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the huge turn out of Nepalese people who are living in different parts of the UK, came together to reunite for this special cause. The event started at 8pm on point with Monika Shrestha gave some important information about the devastating monster quake which has killed over 4000 people so far and left many people injured. All the young volunteers lighted the candles in the middle and everyone started chanting "Hamro Nepal, Hamro Desh - Pranvanda pyaro cha!" - English Translation:"Our Nepal, Our Country is more precious than our soul!" The event came to an end with everyone standing for a minute of silence for all the people in Nepal.

I took a short video from yesterday to show the amount of love and support of Nepalese people have towards our country Nepal. 

For the event, I wore a black and white vintage jacket that I bought from a charity shop in 2011 with a matching shorts paired with running legging; just a plain white shirt and black tripe sole creepers finished my look. 

 My Look:
Shirt: Zara
Blazer: Charity Shop
Cardigan: Topman
Shorts: Charity Shop
Running Legging: Sports Direct
Creepers: Underground

In the end, I would like everyone to please pray for the victims of Nepal Earthquake as well as the people in Nepal. If you would like to donate to support for the basic needs for the people in Nepal.


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