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Thursday, 28 November 2013

It's a girl boy thing

Hello readers, this week is my last week before my hand in for my uni project which is why I have been doing some samples and trying to get it finish before I hand in. Expect that I been trying to learn how to get the flawless drag look that a lot of the queens are doing at the moment.
And also I have been watching Rupaul's Drag Race Season 1-2. Well, here I share you some photos of how did my take on flawless drag look go and a very big thank you to Rinji babe for making a collage of me and cute Sen.

Inspired by Joe Harwood's flawless look:

Thanks to Rinji for making this beautiful collage of Me, Sen, Thomas and Stephen.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Day off and rest time

Only accompany I had today.

Today,  I had a day off from uni and I wanted to take this time to rest as I had to hand in my essay last night which was not fun. Anyway, today I woke up at 9:35 and funnily enough I thought I slept till 12:00. Oh dear oh dear, how I wish I actually slept more, after waking up I got too lazy and just started to stay in my bed and watch as many movies as I could with my beer.

Little Buddha

1000 Places to see before you die

Nightmare before christmas

I started off with Little Buddha than didn't finish it as the indian actors playing nepalese people in Nepal put me off completely than I moved on to watch 1000 Places to visit before you die (Nepal Episode) which was quite fun but the couple who went on a world trip didn't even go much outside Kathmandu valley which I thought was really pointless as if you come to visit Nepal. There is so much more than just the capital city, after watching it  I started watching the Nightmare before Christmas yet again I didn't finish watching it was I didn't felt I was enjoying it.


Finally now, as I am writing this blog I am watching Disney's Pocahontas movie from 1995; call me stupid but I forgot the storyline of the movie completely the last time I saw it. I hope everyone out there is having a great day ahead, till next time take care bye x

Monday, 25 November 2013

A Royal Wedding in Nepal 1970

I was surfing through american vogue magazine and interestingly enough, I came through this two page  spread in the May 1970 issue. It featured the royal nepalese wedding in  Nepal during 1970 of HRH King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev married HRH Queen Aishwarya Rajya Laxmi Devi Rana. According to the article, the wedding took place for 9 days and was celebrated with celebration and joy.

Here are the rare images from the royal wedding below:

Drag Race Season 6 is coming on!

Hello everyone, today was such a hectic day for me specially because I had to hand in my ISHE essay which wasn't so fun as I hate academic writing. Anyway, I was on my way home in tube and I saw someone posted this amazing news in facebook. It was none other than Rupaul, looking better than ever in the teaser video for the latest season of Rupaul's Drag Race Season 6. I am so excited to see the cast for this series as I am a die heart fan of Drag Race, always dreaming one day I can be on the show haha jokes apart watch the fierce video below, enjoy!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Katy Perry's New Music Video - Unconditionally

If you guys didn't already know I am a huge Katy Perry fan and even though she is a bit crazy at times, I find most of her emotional songs rather beautiful and I listen to songs over five times repeatedly once I really like the song. Well many might disagree with me but I actually really like Katy's new music video for her song "unconditionally". Even though there wasn't really a storyline in the music video; I really like her symbolic references, throughout the video which was really magical to look at. I felt the setting was meant to be in Russia before WWI as the location and the clothing reminded me of Anna Karenina movie, I guess the snow quite give it away.
Anyway I have posted her music video down below so, you guys could watch it.


It's my 19th birthday treat

So, as everyone knows how lazy I get to write a blog. Now, I really want to start it clean and write a blog which really defines me and myself; so anyone who is reading this blog can get to know the real George and not the George that you hear from rumours. Well back to the topic; last monday on the 18th of November I turned 19th and it was a great feeling to finally be an adult, what I meant was my parents will not call me a baby anymore.

Well, due to my university coursework and my busy life; I didn't celebrate my birthday until friday the 22nd November, when I gave my close friends a treat at the China City Restaurant where we sing our hearts out in karaoke and danced off too which was quite fun since I don't get to meet my school friends from long time. Anyways here are some photos below from my birthday treat and from my official birthday.
I will write more on this blog so, do follow it if you want, till next time ciao!

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