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Sunday, 24 November 2013

It's my 19th birthday treat

So, as everyone knows how lazy I get to write a blog. Now, I really want to start it clean and write a blog which really defines me and myself; so anyone who is reading this blog can get to know the real George and not the George that you hear from rumours. Well back to the topic; last monday on the 18th of November I turned 19th and it was a great feeling to finally be an adult, what I meant was my parents will not call me a baby anymore.

Well, due to my university coursework and my busy life; I didn't celebrate my birthday until friday the 22nd November, when I gave my close friends a treat at the China City Restaurant where we sing our hearts out in karaoke and danced off too which was quite fun since I don't get to meet my school friends from long time. Anyways here are some photos below from my birthday treat and from my official birthday.
I will write more on this blog so, do follow it if you want, till next time ciao!

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